Rental Policy and Equipment Damage and Replacement Fees

Outdoor Programs

Rental Gear Damage and Replacement Fees


Damage Fees

Severity of damage and associated fees will be determined by Outdoor Programs staff on all equipment. Damages may include: lost tent stakes, bent or broken poles, damaged zippers, sizable holes, rips, or tears, scratches and dents and/or missing parts.





ALPS Compression Sack


ALPS Stuff Sack


Tent Bag


Tent Stakes


Tent Poles (whole set)


Taurus 2 / Zephyr 2 Poles


Taurus 4 Poles


Tent Rainfly


Tent Body


Wet or Dirty



Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Replacement Fees

The renter will be assessed replacement fees for equipment that is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged beyond the point of repair.




Sleeping Bag - 25°+


Sleeping Bag - 0°-25°


RidgeRest Sleeping Pad




2-Person Tent


4-Person Tent


Nylon Tarp


Internal Frame Pack


Daypack/Rock Climbing Pack


Rock Climbing Shoes


Fuel Canister


Butane Stove w/ Fuel


2 Burner Brunton Stove




Canoe w/ Paddle & PFD


Sea Kayak w/ Paddle & PFD




Groundsheet - Any Size



Contact OP


Physical Address:
Student Recreation Center
150 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Phone: (828) 262-4077
Fax: (828) 262-3033

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