Assistantship Applications

How to Apply for a Graduate Assistantship with Outdoor Programs at ASU

Step #1
Send letter of intent, resume and trip log (if available) preferably via email:
Katie Coley, Outdoor Programs
150 Bodenhiemer Drive 
Boone, NC 28608

Step #2
Consider academic programs at Appalachian State University
Complete List of Master's Degree Programs

Step #3 
Submit Application to Graduate School.  Consider the concentration in College Outdoor Programs Administration, (COPA) within the Master's Program of College Students Development within the department of Human Psychology and Counseling (HPC).  Many of our Alumni who work at University and College Outdoor Programs and in the field of Adventure Education are COPA grads.  

Step #4 
Submit Application to the Student Development Graduate Assistantship Preview Program  (GAPP).  Here you can view other assistantships at ASU which might interest you. Outdoor Programs will hold on-campus interviews for qualified applicants through this program weekend. 

Contact Katie Coley