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Banff Sponsors

Hosted by:

OP Logo Vertical 20091118 882x1250

Outdoor Programs brought the Banff Film Festival World Tour to our community over 20 years ago. It's hard to believe how far we have come. From our first screening, which had approximately 150 strong in attendance, until now, as one of North America's largest screenings, we are thrilled to be bringing you the world's best mountain films. Thank you to everyone (presenters, sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and, of course, our audience!) for making the Boone screenings so much fun!

Presented by:

Footsloggers 1

Footsloggers has been with us from the beginning. What more can we say? They have always had a strong presence at the festival and have hosted numerous special guests who have traveled to the Boone screenings (remember the intimate talk about adventure and book signing by David Roberts and Alex Honnold in Footsloggers a couple of years ago?). In 2014, Footsloggers decided to step up their support so that we could bring the film festival to the local schools. Thanks Footsloggers, for all you do for this event, and for our community. 

Geology 2017 2018

AppState Geology has been a presenting level sponsor for this event for seven years. We could not be happier with this partnership. It all started when the Chair of the Geology Department attended the film festival and thought to himself, "I have been in the field on geology assignments in four of the locations that were featured in the films tonight. We should be a part of this." Yes, geologists get to travel, explore, and work in some of the most stunning, remote mountain environments all over the globe. We want to make sure any AppState students who are considering a career that can take them to these stunning environments considers Geology.

VPC square logo R C transparent 01.fw

Welcome VPC Builders! Our newest sponsor, and one of our biggest. We are thrilled to help showcase the incredible work that this team provides for our comunity. From custom homes and remodeling to commercial construction and green building in the High Country, VPC does it all. VPC Builders was recently recognized by the community for their efforts in green building, receiving the everGREEN award. The team at VPC is local, committed to quality and sustainability, and loves the Banff Film Festival!


Western Carolina Eye Associates is a full-service Ophthalmology practice providing exceptional eye care for patients of all ages. Our Board-Certified providers use state of the art technology to provide the best medical and surgical care available. We have offices in Ashe, Avery, and Watauga counties. Western Carolina Eye Associates, we care... you'll see.

Sponsored by:

Bistro Roca r470x260

Bistro Roca has been supporting the Banff and the AMPC for 11 years. The catered AMPC Reception by Bistro Roca is always a highlight of the weekend. Thank you Bistro Roca!

AppSkiMtnLogo 1005x1250

Appalachian Ski Mountain has very generously given away a season ski pass each night at the Banff Film Festival for years. It is always one of the most popular items at intermission. Appalachian Ski Mountain has always provided the High Country with one of the most reliable and fun ways to spend winter outside. This year, the Meltdown Games coincide with the Banff Film Festival.


Gideon Ridge Inn has provided lodging for the Banff Road Warriors for 12 years. The Road Warriors, who travel for months at a time, were attempting to decide the best lodging they experience on the road. It came down to a place in Santa Barbara, CA and Gideon Ridge. Yep, Gideon Ridge was selected as the best lodging on the World Tour.

Peabody s.PNG

Peabody’s - purveyors of the finest selection of beer and wine in the High Country - has always provided fine regional beer and wine that is served at the AMPC reception. We appreciate their contributions to our events every year.


CoBo Sushi came on board a few years ago to sponsor the Banff Film Festival. The Millers' love of the outdoors and adventures makes CoBo a perfect fit for the Banff Film Festival.


ReGear is Boone’s recycled outdoor gear shop. What better way to be sustainable than to reuse gear? We'd like to thank ReGear for filling a much needed niche in our community, and for sponsoring the Banff Film Festival.

Crestwood Logo
Crestwood has been the host of our Private screening for sponsors and volunteers for the past seven years. It is the perfect place to have an intimate, special screeningof the World Tour. One of the things that rivals the world tour is the sunset at the Crestwood.
Virtual blue ridge logo black 445x232.fw

Virtual Blue Ridge is leader in online resources for everything related to the Blue Ridge Parkway, ‘America’s Favorite Drive’. Virtual Blue Ridge runs our entire onlineplatform for the AMPC every year, which is no small feat.

center45 2.fw 1155x1280

Center 45 is Boone's first and newest bouldering gym and fitness center, located just a few miles from campus! We appreciate this business which supports local climbers training efforts and passion for rock climbing. We are so excited to have them sponsoring Banff again this year. Thank you, Center 45!


Sky Valley Zip Tours is the Banff Film Festival World Tour's newest sponsor. If you haven't been to Sky Valley yet, make sure you go. It is one of the most scenic settings for a zip tour we can imagine! Their love of adventure is a great companion to the spirit of the film festival.


Burton Moomaw Acupuncture is a full service Acupuncture Clinic that opened in 2007 in Boone, NC. In addition to providing acupuncture treatment for our community, Burton has also recently written a book, Does it Hurt, a dialogue to help you understand and trust acupuncture.

Beech Mtn Resort.PNG

This is Beech Mountain's first year sponsoring Banff, and we are incredibly excited to be working with Beech Mountain. At 5,506 feet, it is the highest ski resort east of the Rockies and offers skiing, snowboarding, iceskating, and tubing. Students love joining us on our Thursday night shuttles to Beech Mountain!


Perfect Descent specializes in making Auto Belay devices for rock climbing, and they are the Official Auto Belay Supplier for the International Federation of Sport Climbing. Each system is handbuilt in the United States, and they are used globally in climbing gyms and at World Cup and World Championship competition. America's speed climbing record holder, John Brosler, is the current Athlete Spotlight of Perfect Descent. Keep an eye out for a special appearance at the Boone screenings in 2020 on Thursday and Friday night!

Horton logo

The Horton Hotel & Rooftop Lounge is the only boutique hotel in Downtown Boone. It is located on King Street and is just steps away from local restaurants, shops, and the lovely campus of App State. This year, the Horton Hotel will be housing Banff's special guests, so we thank them for their generosity and support!