IDP Essentials Workshops

Essentials:Skills All Outdoor Leaders Should Possess

These workshops are part of the Instructor Development Program (IDP) and open to any AppStatestudent, faculty member, or staff member.

Essentials are the next step in the IDP process after the Foundations Workshops.These workshops emphasize the soft skills, interpersonal, and leadership skills needed to develop into an effective outdoor leader and are required for Outdoor Programs Trip Leaders.

IDP Essentials Workshops

Outdoor Leadership

Outdoor leadership demands many different skills, but all outdoor activities involve people.Understanding how to be a caring leader is imperative for your success in the outdoor industry.This workshop will discuss the elements of a caring leader, fundamental responsibilities of outdoor leadersand the three foundations all outdoor leaders should acquire. Finally, as leaders, you will learn how to improve your awareness with yourself, your group, and yourenvironment, helping you to better steer clear of trouble.

Leadership & Learning Styles

Understanding the type of leader you are and the leadership style that you have is crucial to becoming an effective leader.Participants on your trips will all learn in different ways, and understanding the different ways people learn will enable you to better deliver the lessons and skills you’re hoping to teach in the field.

Teaching & Facilitation

This workshop will discuss tips and tricks that will enable you to teach the most effective and fun lessons/skills in the field.Sometimes "teaching" your participants isn’t the best wayto deliver a lesson.There are times that you may prefer to facilitate your participants’ learning instead.Learn when to teach and when to facilitate -and how to do both -in this workshop.

Debriefing & Communication

Debriefing an experience or a trip is always a bit tricky.This workshop will provide debriefing techniques and activities you’ll be able to utilize for a variety of experiences and trips.Additionally, as an outdoor leader, you will often serve as both the chief source of information and the moderator of communication. This workshop will provide you with effective debriefing and communication tools.

Trip Planning

Prior planning prevents poor performance.The more planning that goes into a trip, the less likely something will go wrong and the more likely you can recover when things don’t go as planned.Learn the why, who, where, when, what, and what ifs of trip planning.Also, see a sample of the OP world of trip planning.

Decision Making & Judgment

As a leader, your usefulness to the group is dependent upon your ability to make and implement decisions effectively.These decisions are based largely upon judgment, andlearning decision-making strategies as well astraps that many leaders fall into when making decisions will improve your judgment.

Fall 2019 Essentials Workshops Schedule

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