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About Our Courses

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Appalachian State University offers challenging, goal-oriented courses to on-campus groups and organizations, both on-and-off the ground. Our courses are consistent with the Appalachian way in that they are both valuable and affordable. The interactions on our courses are facilitated to create a strong sense of community, break down barriers, and are custom-designed to meet the needs of your group. Our challenge course programs consist of four separate structures:

Low Ropes - The low ropes elements are structured activities that are literally low-to-the-ground and consist of a series of ground-based initiatives and elements. The program primarily focuses on fostering teamwork and individual leadership skills. Field games and initiatives encourage group interaction and communication. Low course elements consisting of a series of ropes, cables, and logs, provide groups and individuals the opportunity to participate in a series of challenging and fun activities. Programs are tailor-made to the needs and goals of the group. Debriefing questions are facilitated after activities by the group leaders.

  • Group Interaction Course: A combination of several low elements consisting of the spider web, whale watch, zig zap, the wall and more.
  • Team Development Course: Team building low element series that allows participants to embark on an adventurous and challenging mission, a "new" experience from traditional low ropes programs

High Ropes - The high ropes elements are challenging activities that are literally high-above-the-ground. This experiential adventure program offers a series of ropes, cables, and high-above-the-ground logs and is geared more toward individual challenges. The challenges enable participants to expand their comfort zones—sometimes dramatically—and recognize fears that may block personal achievement. Most activities teach balance, coordinator and concentration along with a great sense of confidence and positive view of self.

  • Alpine Tower: A 50' tall self-supporting structure the provides unique challenge and team oriented experiences for groups.
  • High Ropes: A 40' tall structure consisting of a combination of several high elements located in the trees including a swing bridge, vine walk, two-line bridge and more.
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About Your Group Experience

OP meets your group where they are and facilitates an experience that allows them to direct where they want to go both as individuals and as a team. Goals may consist of establishing group culture in a newly formed group, creating a team-bonding experience in an unfamiliar environment, increasing intercultural competence among a diverse group, and/or developing leadership skills that allow all team members to share a common vision. We will work with you to develop goals specific to your organization and culture. 

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About the Course

Just a 10-minute drive from AppState, our team building and challenge course are nested on a beautiful, 55-acre green-space at AppState's Broadstone in Valle Crucis. Most of the elements are centered on a large green space, bordered by the Watauga River. The quiet setting provides students a welcome contrast to the busy campus environment. It is also a chance to connect with one of the charming communities that makes Watauga County so special. 

Specific details and logistics: Things To Know For Your Day At The Challenge Course.

Pricing & Scheduling

Programs need to be scheduled 1 month in advance of the program date.

On-Campus Groups

Team Development & Group Interaction Course (low ropes programs)

  • 6-20 participants, $175
  • 21-30 participants, $250
  • 31-50 participants, $350

Alpine Tower & High Ropes Course (high ropes programs)

  • 6-12 participants, $225
  • 13-18 participants, $275
  • 18-24 participants, $350
  • 24-34 participants, $500

Off-Campus Groups

Team Development & Group Interaction Course (low ropes programs)

  • 6-20 participants, $525
  • 21-30 participants, $600
  • 31-50 participants, $750

Alpine Tower & High Ropes Course (high ropes programs)

  • 6-12 participants, $750
  • 13-18 participants, $800
  • 19-24 participants, $875
  • 25-34 participants, $1025

To inquire about availability and/or make a reservation please fill out the Broadstone Facility Request Form.

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Physical Address:
Student Recreation Center
150 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, North Carolina 28608

Phone: (828) 262-4077
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